Membership is for North American based churches engaged in the sacramental use of Ayahuasca and other sacramental plants.  Being a member doesn’t confer special legal rights or privileges; rather, it’s a way for visionary churches to stand together to protect their common right to the free practice of religion.  There’s strength in numbers, and power in solidarity.  Membership lists are shared only with other member churches, and will be protected from disclosure by all lawful means.   

Who should join?

    • Churches whose leaders understand that by standing together, we can advance our common cause most effectively.
    • Churches seeking legally protected status for their spiritual practice and communion services
    • Churches doing pro-social work in a safe environment.   
    • Churches seeking to establish visionary spiritual practice for today and future generations.
    • Churches participating in a growing social movement to advance the truly free practice of visionary religion.
    • Churches that are ready to say . . . “We’re a church working with other churches to secure our rights to a free and open spiritual practice.”

When you register you’ll have the opportunity to either share or not share your church contact information with other churches.

Annual membership is $200.  Churches applying before October 1, 2019 will become NAAVC founding members.