Mission Statement

We are dedicated to protecting the rights and practices of visionary churches across North America, while building bridges for spiritual practice across the Americas. Our mission goals include:

      • Working for the legal rights of the visionary-church community
      • Advancing education and support among North American churches communing through visionary sacraments
      • Raising awareness on the legitimacy of Ayahuasca in religious practice
      • Sponsoring educational opportunities on topics related to visionary plant sacraments and best practices among visionary churches. 
      • Cultural outreach by member churches for sharing their positive work in society
      • Advancing interfaith practices in growing healthy communities
      • Supporting visionary churches in raising their collective voice
      • Outreach to all faiths, the medical community,  and academia
      • Furthering a return of spiritual practice within the medical practice
      • Outreach to South American based churches for common cause
      • Establishing clear, safe, and legal pathways for the importation of Ayahuasca into North America for the benefit of member churches